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The Chinese Zodiac

The Chinese Zodiac consists of a 12 year cycle, each year of which is named after a different animal that imparts distinct characteristics to its year.. Many Chinese believe that the year of a person's birth is the primary factor in determining that person's personality traits, physical and mental attributes and degree of success and happiness throughout his or her lifetime. The following short summaries give the basic characteristics of each sign.

The Rabbit is the luckiest of all signs. People born under this sign are often talented and articulate. They are affectionate yet shy. They seek peace throughout their lives.

The Year of the Tiger produces aggressive courageous people. They can be very candid yet they themselves are on the sensitive side.

Those who have the sign of the Ox are bright patient people who are inspiring to others. They can be happy by themselves, yet make outstanding parents.

Those born in the year of the Rat are ambitious yet honest. They are prone to spending freely and seldom make lasting friendships.

Eccentric passionate people are born under the Dragon sign. Their lives are often complex and they have an abundance of good health.

The year of the Snake produces wise and intense people who are likely to have physical beauty which in turn can make them vain and high tempered.

Those born during the year of the Horse are usually popular and attractive to the opposite sex. They are often ostantatious and impatient. They need to be around other people.

People born under the sign of the Sheep are elegant and creative. They are somewhat timid and prefer anonymity.

Those with the sign of the Monkey are very intelligent and are able to influence others. Although they are easily discouraged and dissappointed, they are enthusiastic so achieve and accomplish many things,

The Rooster represents a pioneer in spirit, someone devoted to work who quests after knowledge. They can sometimes be selfish and unorthodox.

People with the Dog sign are loyal and honest and work well with others. They are generous but can be stubborn and often selfish.

The Boar is a wild pig. The sign stands for being nobel and chivalrous and having life long friends, yet these individuals often have marital strife.

In conclusion, the Oriental Zodiac maintains that the animal ruling the year in which you were born exercises a profound influence on your life. As the Chinese say, "This is the animal that hides in your heart."

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