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Choose a favorite movie or a movie you saw recently and answer the question below.

Factual Questions

1) What is the title of this movie?

2) What is the meaning of the title?

3) What kind of movie is it?

4) Who's in it? (2 or 3 actors)

5) Who are the 5 main characters in the movie?

6) Who is the hero?

7) What life changing event happens to the hero?

8) Who is the hero's opponent?

9) Who is the hero's ally?

10) What are the hero's challenges?

11) What is the hero's flaw?

12) How does he overcome his flaw?

13) What is the hero's goal and how does he reach it?

14) Summarize the objective (physical) story line.

15) Summarize the subjective (psychological) story line.

16) What is the message of this movie?


Opinion Questions:


What were your favorite parts of this movie?

What was something that you didn't like about this movie?

Who was the most interesting character in this movie?

What was the funniest scene in this movie?

What was the most touching scene in this movie?

What was the most exciting or interesting scene?

What is your overall opinion of this movie?

What English skills did this movie help you improve?

What new things did you learn from this movie?


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