"Stuff" by George Carlin

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(A) Read the questions. Watch the video. Take notes.

Answer the questions below as you watch the video again.

1. According to George, why do we need houses?

2. What do we have to do when we leave our stuff? Why?

3. What industry is based on keeping an eye on your stuff?

4. Why do we sometimes have to move ?

5. Why don't we feel 100% comfortable at other people's houses?

6. What do we think of other people's stuff?

7. What happened in that room eleven years ago? least like to be?

8. What is on the dresser?

9. What stuff can you bring when you go on vacation?

10. What is the first vacation place he mentions?

11.What is the first thing we do when we arrive at our hotel rooms?

12. What do we soon realize after that? What do we gotta do?

13. Where is he invited to go next? For how long?

14. At what places does he now have stuff?

15. What items does he now have with him? (4 things)

16. Where do they go from there? For how long?

17. Name 6 more items of stuff he mentions.

(B) Watch the video again add to your answers.

(C) Make sure your name is in the TOP BOX & the BOX BELOW then print out your work.

Student : @ www.elfs.com



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