"Expressions & Idioms " by George Carlin

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(A) Read the questions. Watch the video several times.

Match the 15 expressions below with the right meaning and then the related funny remark.

The expression The meaning of the expression The funny remark

1) To be legally drunk.

2) You know where to stick it!

3) Selling like hotcakes

4) The undisputed champion

5) Thatís the last straw

6) To come down the pike

7) Going down the tubes

8) That takes the cake

9) Easy as pie

10) Piece of cake

11) He's out walking the streets

12) Feeling fine and dandy

13) To read one the riot act

14) Iíd be more than happy....

15) In your own words.

delighted, it would be my pleasure

feeling good

getting worse and worse

not difficult at all

final incident that causes something to happen

something being bought rapidly

inarguably the best

to pass this way or come along

very simple to do

high alcoholic content in oneís blood or breath

a rude very coarse insult (up your ass)

without quoting or reading

a severe scolding on precisely what is bad

recently released from prison undeservingly.

special in a negative way

Iím using the ones everybody else is using.

A pie is easier to carry than a cake.

You ought to warn a guy first.

Coffee , beer, cigarettes all are selling faster .

Somebody wouldíve seen it by now.

Sounds like a dangerous mental condition.

Down to the bakery to see the other cakes.

I consider it wordy and poorly thought out.

Suppose youíre a new guy and you donít know?

If heís undisputed, whatís all the fighting about?.

What about the guy who came on Amtrak?

Iím never both of those things at the same time.

Maybe he's home watching TV.

(B) Watch the video again add to and correct your answers.

(C) Make sure your name is in the TOP BOX & the BOX BELOW then print out your work.

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